Monday, December 20, 2010

In case anyone is still out there!

Merry Christmas!

I'll make a come back in 2011 and share the details of our days and lives!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Another season begins

On our drive home Sunday night, from dinner with family, we drove along Lake Rd in Lakewood. The section with all the BIG houses nearing the river. I noticed it was trash night, meaning many homeowners put out Monday's trash, next to the road, the night before. I have grown somewhat accustomed to scanning the "tree lawn", as it is called, in an effort to spot a real prize. The 2010 season started with a bang!

A Rody Horse for Louisa. Jef pulled over and I climbed out to retrieve the gold. I put it beside Lu and told her it was hers. As we continued home I noticed that she rested her hand on her Rody Pony. She was so happy! She squealed with delight when we arrived home and let her ride.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm a Winner

My good friend Candace is just amazing! She is so creative and inspires me and builds my own creative confidence. She has a successful ETSY shop with lots of neat handmade goodies. She recently hosted a give away on her blog sponsored by Yoreganics

and I WON!

I'm seriously so excited. When do we ever win? I can't wait to try out my soap nuts.

I've never heard of them, but I'll let you know what I think. Some might say I am a laundry snob. So, my testimony is good :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Diet Update or Part 2

It has been a little over a month practicing Louisa's elimination diet. She is a NEW CHILD! It is very gratifying to see her happy and responsive. She sings and dances. She has bright twinkling eyes, like her Daddy. She is a joy to be around (most days). Her sleeping habits have improved and her language has broadened. She is just better!

The diet for me has not been as hard as I thought. Occasionally, I do have a moment when I want some old comfort/stress food. But really, it has not been that bad. I have been dairy free since Nov '09 - which was just fine. And adding the wheat in Feb '10 was the next big thing requiring adjustment, but as stated hasn't been that bad. Last weekend Jef made me a GF brownie and it was so nice to taste the texture of flour again! And while my parents were visiting over this weekend I splurged on a GF/CF pound cake mix served it with Mama's lemon curd and sliced strawberries and I thought I was in heaven! Seriously!

I am a happier Mama now that my baby is happier and healthier. I am much more productive! The big girls receive more of my attention and I can focus on other needs besides just Louisa. The next step is to begin treatments to reverse the allergies/sensitivities in her body. And then we can reintroduce foods!

Well, I've been trying to upload a video of Louisa singing, dancing and toddling around but after 3 hours my guess is that it's not going to happen. I'm not a very vigilant photographer but I will be better so I can get a pic of #3 on here soon.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

A New Diet

Recently Louisa was given a strict elimination diet to follow. NO: wheat or gluten, oats, corn, cow or goat's milk, apples, banana, cashews, pecans, peas. What am I missing? Because we are still nursing I am on the same diet.

It is HARD!

In some ways I am happy that I follow her same diet. I feel connected to her and feel like I can better understand her. I feel it is the least sacrifice I can give knowing how miserable she is. However it is not easy finding foods with these restrictions. I am tired preparing food for a diverse crowd. I am tired of spending money on food that is good for our bodies. Why does a real chicken cost $2.75 per/lb and a steroid chicken I can find for as little as 98 cents per/lb, for example?
I guess the artifical has always been "easy" and more immediately appealing - I am thinking of the Gospel of Christ. Satan has a counterfeit for everything - and now in these last days: food also. I never thought about it like that before. He is breaking us down physically. Pulling us away from the things of the spirit.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Welcoming Me to the blog scene

I decided to start my very own blog. We have a family blog that describes in lacking detail the comings and goings of our little ones. It was originally intended to keep our far away family up to date but this is my space. Like you, I have lots of great ideas rolling around up there. Some more developed than others. This is where I will share my ideas, thoughts and occasionally grumblings.

I've had a really terrible day. My path today has been trod by countless other mothers for centuries past. I am not unique in anyway but today it happened to me so, it matters. I found myself almost unable to uphold myself anymore and wanting to fall to my knees. I pleaded for a savior. Expressing that I just can't do it anymore. I suppose that was significant because all too often I try to do it on my own. Today I remembered that God loves me and wants to help our little family.

I love this artwork. I have never seen it before, nor do I know the artist, yet. I love that Christ and the children are the focus amongst the adults.
Update: this is by Carl Bloch and is an exert from a larger painting.